Custom Programming Services from Information Management Systems, Inc.

Do you have enough programmers on your staff to meet all of your needs? Do you have more work than your staff can handle but not enough to justify hiring another programmer? Do you need a project completed quickly but cannot afford to take developers away from their current projects to work on it? Our team of talented, experienced programmers can provide you with the short- or long-term help you need. Think of us as your "virtual programming team."

What We Do

  • Develop New Software
  • Enhance/Upgrade Existing Software
  • Port Software from Legacy Platforms to Windows
  • Create Individual Modules and Routines

Using e-mail, telephone calls, and remote control software, our developers have completed projects for clients all over the USA, as well as in other countries.

Sample Projects

  • Enhanced Chiropractic office management software. We completed several modules that the client's own developers had been unable to finish, removed bugs from the beta version of the software, added dozens of minor features, and wrote a few new modules, including a narrative report generator.
  • Thoroughbred horse racing analysis software. We implemented a modeling program with printed and HTML-format reports and created a separate database to compare predictions to actual results, including ROI calculations.
  • Wrote client and server software to communicate with heavy industrial equipment on a TCP/IP network using UDP datagrams.
  • Developed an employee productivity and job cost database for a construction company that specializes in cabinet making.
  • Middleware to connect a front end time-tracking system to the back end payroll and job costing software.
Platforms and Programming Languages
  • Embarcadero (formerly Borland) Delphi
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 6
  • PowerBASIC Console Compiler
  • PowerBASIC for DOS
  • Extensive experience with SQL and stored procedures, primarily on Microsoft SQL Server 2005

When you need experienced developers to handle your overflow projects, please get in touch with us.

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