Bill Howard, in PC Magazine, wrote "Why can't more software do 'sounds like'
(soundex) searches, in case your spelling is off?"  With DataFerret,
your Visual Basic 6 applications now can!

DataFerret is a "Sounds-Like" search tool for Visual Basic 5 or 6. It is ideal for searching databases and text files where the exact spelling of a word is not known. If an exact match is not found, DataFerret finds the closest matches, using an extensive set of phonetic rules. Its ability to find the right information is uncanny!

Is it Brown or Braun? Irving or Erving? Carn or Kahn? Cahoon or Calhoun? Urnhart or Earnhart? Aldukey or Al-Dookhi? Kacachi or Cacace? With DataFerret, it really doesn't matter; you'll almost always find the right name. 

Why You Need DataFerret

If you do not know the exact spelling of a name or word, you can look it up in a list, or you can type in a guess and hope for the best. The problem with lists is that if you have the first letter wrong, you will be looking in the wrong part of the list. And if it's a big list, you can waste a lot of time just trying to find the right one. With DataFerret, you enter your best guess at the spelling, and you'll get the most likely matches. 

DataFerret: In Step with the Latest Technologies

Data Ferret is packaged as an ActiveX control for Visual Basic 5.0 or later. It is compatible with Microsoft's newest database technologies: DAO and ADO. It may be incorporated into your program so that it is invisible to the user, or, with its Visible Property set, it will display a progress bar and a list box containing a list of alternative matches. 

Users Will Sing Your Praises!

DataFerret will make your end users more productive, and it will make their jobs easier. That makes your users happy and their bosses happy. And that adds up to a winning proposition for you, the Visual Basic developer. 

It's Simple to Use

As an ActiveX control, DataFerret is readily integrated into your project. You also get detailed help screens that can be accessed from within the Visual Basic IDE Browser, and the help includes working code that you can paste directly into your own programs. DataFerret may be added to existing applications with just a few lines of code. For use with databases, you must add one key text field to the table. If the table already contains any records, the key field will be filled automatically the first time the program is run. Talk about maximum productivity! 

International Support

DataFerret supports the phonetic rules of a number of languages, including English, French, and Spanish, so your DataFerret-enabled applications are ready to see the world. 

Demo Program

We've created a demo program so you can see just how powerful DataFerret is. It includes databases of common surnames and plant names so you can see how your database-oriented applications will benefit from DataFerret. It also contains a module that allows you to perform "Sounds-Like" searches in an RTF file. Even text processing applications can use DataFerret to great effect!

There are two versions of the demo. If you already have the Visual Basic 6 support files, you can download the first (smaller) file, but if you do not have Visual Basic 6 installed, you can try the second file.

  • DataFerret Demo (does NOT include the Visual Basic 6 support files--only download this version if you have Visual Basic 6 installed on your computer) [293 KB]
  • DataFerret Demo (DOES include the Visual Basic 6 support files--download this version if Visual Basic 6 is not installed on your computer) [3.8 MB]

Our Unconditional, No Hassle Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with DataFerret, you can return it to us within 60 days for a full refund, excluding shipping charges. No hassles, no hard feelings, and no risk to you

The Bottom Line

DataFerret costs only $179.00, plus shipping and handling. And you never pay royalties when you distribute the DataFerret .OCX file.

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