The Mouse Cursor Factory 1.00

Would you like to add mouse support to your PowerBASIC® DOS programs? Would you like to use custom-designed graphics-mode mouse cursors? The Mouse Cursor Factory provides you with a library of common mouse functions and an interactive cursor design utility and code generator for creating your own custom mouse cursors.

Add Mouse Support to Your Programs
The Mouse Cursor Factory comes with more than twenty functions and procedures to help you add mouse support to your programs. Respond to the press or release of the left, right, or center mouse button (or any combination of them), restrict the mouse cursor to a portion of the screen, turn the mouse cursor on and off, change the shape of the mouse cursor (in both text and graphics modes), save and restore the state of the mouse driver, and more!

Design Custom Mouse Cursors
Using the cursor design utility (for which the product is named), you can create your own custom graphics-mode mouse cursors. Design your own hourglass, pointing hand, or arrow cursor, quickly and easily. When your design is complete, simply click on a button, and the utility will generate the source code for a procedure that will activate your new cursor.

Learn By Example
Since we supply the complete source code for the cursor design utility, you can use the program as an example for writing your own mouse- enabled programs. We also provide a mini-tutorial in the manual with several suggestions for programming for the mouse to help you get started adapting your programs to the mouse.

Fast Inline Assembly Language
The mouse control functions and procedures were written using PowerBASIC's inline assembler for maximum speed and minimum code size.

Adds Less than 5k to Your Programs!
The functions and procedures in the Mouse Cursor Factory are so efficient, they add less than 5k to your programs. (Of course, adding code to your programs to interact with the mouse will increase their size, but with the Mouse Cursor Factory, we keep the increase as small as possible.)

Source Code Included
The complete source code is included at no extra charge. With lots of comments, understanding the code and making modifications is easy!

25+ Page Reference Manual
Serves as a comprehensive reference to the Mouse Cursor Factory. Includes clear, detailed usage instructions, mini-tutorials, and lots of examples.

Free Technical Support
Our staff is available to answer your technical questions via telephone, e-mail, and regular mail.

No Assembler Required
The Mouse Cursor Factory only uses PowerBASIC's inline assembler, so you don't need to purchase a separate assembler.

No Royalties
Distribute Mouse Cursor Factory applications without ever paying any extra fees or royalties.

Our Guarantee
All of our PowerBASIC Add-On products carry an unconditional, 90 day money back guarantee, including shipping charges! No return authorization numbers, no restocking fees, no hard feelings, and, best of all, no risk to you.

Price: $29.95 (plus shipping and handling)
Requires: PowerBASIC (DOS) 3.0 or higher

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