PowerBASIC 3.5 and Our Libraries

We have identified a few minor conflicts between PowerBASIC/DOS 3.5 and our products:

  • Since PowerBASIC 3.5 cannot use Unit (.PBU) or Library (.PBL) files created by previous versions of the compiler, all of our products must be recompiled using the new PB.EXE or PBC.EXE, and Libraries must be rebuilt using the new PBLIB.EXE.

  • The bugs in PBLIB have been fixed in version 3.5, so the Full Power Toolbox can now be reliably used with a single .PBL file instead of separate .PBU files. Run BUILD.BAT to recompile all the Unit files and build the new Library file.

  • PowerBASIC 3.5 and older maintenance releases of the Full Power Toolbox both contain functions named TRIM$ (that do about the same thing). Before you can recompile the Full Power Toolbox with PowerBASIC 3.5, you will need to remove the Trim$ function from FPSTRING.BAS and remove the DECLARE statement for Trim$ from both FPTBX.DCL and FPSTRING.DCL.

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