PB ISAM 2.03
(Indexed Sequential Access Method)

Would you like to add a fast, easy-to-use database engine to your PowerBASICū programs? With PB ISAM, it's a cinch! With only one procedure to call, you can be up and running with this library literally minutes after you open the package.

Powerful Capabilities
The PB ISAM engine supports a very thorough set of database operations, including Open, Close, and Erase database; Add, Update, and Delete record; Find, Read, Read Next, and Read Previous record; Count the keys in the database; and Scrunch the database (pack it to remove blank records).

Easy To Use
All of the capabilities of the PB ISAM engine are accessed through a single procedure call. Since you only have one call to learn, adding the database engine to your programs is very easy. And the manual clearly explains each available operation and the parameters needed for each operation.

Flexible Indexing
The PB ISAM engine allows you to define any number of indexes per database, up to the total number of available DOS file handles. Each index is stored in its own file and is tied to the main data file.

Utilities and Example Programs
More than a dozen utilities and example programs are included on the PB ISAM disk to help you browse and validate your database files, export your data, and make the most of this powerful library.

Fast Access and Small Files
PB ISAM only adds one byte to each record in your data file. With minimal overhead and very efficient search algorithms, database access is as fast as lightning!

Single User Support
Although there are times when you will need the power and capabilities of a full-featured, multiuser database engine, most often you really only need a fast, simple, easy-to-use, single user database. At times like these, you need the PB ISAM database library.

Source Code Included
The complete Basic source code is included at no extra charge. With lots of comments and example programs, making modifications is easy!

35+ Page Reference Manual
Serves as a comprehensive reference to PB ISAM. Includes clear, detailed usage instructions, mini-tutorials, helpful hints, and more.

Free Technical Support
Our staff is available to answer your technical questions via telephone, e-mail, or regular mail.

No Memory-Hogging TSRs
The PB ISAM database engine is linked directly into your programs. You don't need to load any external drivers to add fast database access to your programs.

No Royalties
Distribute PB ISAM applications without ever paying any extra fees or royalties.

Our Guarantee
All of our PowerBASIC Add-On products carry an unconditional, 90 day money back guarantee, including shipping charges! No return authorization numbers, no restocking fees, no hard feelings, and, best of all, no risk to you.

Price: $49.95 (plus shipping and handling)
Requires: PowerBASIC (DOS) 3.0 - 3.5

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