PowerBASIC Add-On Products from Information Management Systems, Inc.

In April 1991, we became the first company to ship a commercial library for PowerBASIC®. Since then, we have developed, acquired, or licensed several other add-on products for PowerBASIC. We now publish several products for PowerBASIC/DOS and the PowerBASIC/Console Compiler.

PowerBASIC Console Compiler Add-Ons

PowerBASIC/DOS Add-Ons From October 1991 through December 1999, with a final issue in January 2001, we published BASICally Speaking, a monthly journal for PowerBASIC programmers. Coverage included both the PowerBASIC/Console Compiler and PowerBASIC for DOS. Many back issues are still available for purchase.

Check here for a list of conflicts between PowerBASIC 3.5 and our products, as well as compiler bug fixes and enhancements that affect our products.

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